Flying with the Eagles

FlyingWithEagleThe crowdfunding campaign is going well for the first week of it’s Earth Day launch and we wanted to give special thanks to our new founding contributors!  Crowdfunding is so much more than just achieving monetary goals – it is really about community and all the good energy that gets generated from even the smallest one dollar donation that comes from the heart.  Each contribution is like a major YES that pulses energy into the engine.  When we saw the first contributors we felt a soft spring breeze lift our wings and we were reminded of Poem Rock at the Dennis Weaver Memorial Park outside of Ridgway.  We wanted to share it with everyone…..

I saw an Eagle in the sky today

Flying free upon the wind

In my dreams I touched its wings

Caught the wind and flew with Him


Oh what glory it was for me

Flying free up in the sky

For dreams become reality

If in our souls they never die


PoemRockSo seize the moment which is now

For your Eagle lives within

Hold the vision of your truth

Dream your Eagle and fly with Him

~ Dennis Weaver