The Rocky Mountain Sustainability Center’s mission is to provide an educational and commerce hub that coordinates, promotes, and accelerates research, development, and training on natural and human built systems, the dynamic interactions and interconnections that exist within those systems, and the role of humans in the transition to sustainable living.


The Rocky Mountain Sustainability Center’s goals include but are not limited to:

• Leading the way in creating a world where environmental, societal, and economic qualities exist in balance to meet the resource needs of today and of future generations.

• To inspire young and elder alike to engage in this epic transition through education, knowledge, hands on learning, with ingenuity and passion.

• Engage the community in ongoing dialogue, inquiry, and discovery of sustainable principles and practices through workshops, seminars, curriculums, and research. .

• Empower individuals with an awareness of sustainability issues and a capacity to contribute to the construction of sustainable societies.

• Integrate sustainable practices and structures into all aspects of the center’s activities and infrastructure.

• Retrofit, design, build, and operate the center’s environment as a model of sustainability practices and principles.

• To boldly move forward, inspired by our unique mountain community, to build upon our relationships and expand our understandings of what it means to live sustainably.