Crowdfunding for Sustainability

CrowdfundingWhen we first began this project our team had talked about ‘crowdfunding’ and using that as a method of raising funds for the purchase of Sunridge EcoRanch.  At that time we came to a consensus that it was simply too large of an amount to successfully crowdfund but after watching the success of other crowdfunders with even larger goals then our and even political campaigns raising enormous amounts of money through very small donations we decided to go for it!

Yesterday was Earth Day and we launched the campaign with a great deal of excitement.  We have already received some donations and now we are working hard sharing the campaign with friends, associates, supporters, and local community members who even if they cannot donate they are sharing with their networks.  Deep gratitude to everyone for helping us to kick this campaign off!

FoundingContributorCertificatewithBackgroundWe are learning about crowdfunding platforms and are still trying to figure out how to post contributor ‘gifts’ like our Founding Contributor Certificate and other offerings we would like to make for folks who support this project. For example we would like to be able to offer discounts to future workshops and even opportunities for a overnight stay at Sunridge when we get things established.

We also learned that the more activity we have then the more exposure we will get on the GoFundMe website and community so even if you can only give $5 please do not hesitate…a mountain starts with a grain of sand!