renewableEnergyGroupYou never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.- Buckminster Fuller

Globally we as humans are going through a ‘Great Transition’.  The systems and structures that our civilizations have operated from are going through a transformation that necessity is dictating – our survival and ability to thrive depends upon this change.  The word ‘sustainability’ has been used now in so many sectors yet so many people are still wondering what that word truly means and how can they move towards creating a more sustainable personal lifestyle and contribute to their communities resilience.

CommunityThe Rocky Mountain Sustainability Center is being established to not only help provide the Western Slope of Colorado with opportunities and resources towards this goal but has a mission that will benefit our entire State and Nation.

Colorado is in a unique position in this country to help lead the way through our global transition to a healthy sustainable future.  All over the State City’s like Golden have passed resolutions and adopted strategic long term plans to meet goals established by citizen working groups and organizations.  The Front Range has many organizations like the Sustainable Living Association and Alliance for a Sustainable Colorado who have helped to educate and anchor the guiding principles of regeneration, resiliency, and strong local economic development.

Colorado State University has a strong student sustainability club and education programs that range from renewable energy to sustainable agriculture.  The State of Colorado Department of Local Affairs has committed to coordinate partnerships and provide assistance to enhance the sustainability of communities across the state.

The Rocky Mountain Land Use Institute has put forth the Sustainable Community Development Code Framework that begins to address the much needed changes zoning rules and codes for low impact development.

The Western Slope of Colorado has many dedicated groups, organizations, and community projects also working on their specific sustainability missions and goals.  Early pioneers of alternative building and renewable energy have sown seeds that now need water and tending by the next generation.