Earth Day Everyday!

EarthDayIt is the eve of Earth Day and our team is launching a crowdfunding campaign to help our community group purchase Dennis Weaver’s Sunridge Ecoranch.

Over the past month our team has been very busy preparing for this critical fundraising effort alongside helping team members launch their personal campaigns….

Kris800Kris Holstrom, our Director of Permaculture, is running for the San Miguel County Board of Commissioners (3rd District) and we are super excited to be supporting her campaign.  Kris has owned and operated Tomten Farm for decades up on Hastings Mesa just outside of Ridgway where she grows high elevation organic food and teaches permaculture classes.  It is astonishing that she has also been an active member of the San Miguel Planning Commission for 20 years as well.  Kris is a strong advocate for local food and agriculture.  You can read more about her background and experience here.

3StewardsLogoGreenBorderAnother associate of ours, Michael Cundick, who lives in Utah has been working with a group to launch the 3 Stewards Society.   Michael attended our team summit on January 22 and presented to our group an idea that he and team member Jordan Larsen had come up with that would create a platform for the emerging reIMG_6324generative society that is birthing in our culture.  We have been helping to get that launched parallel with RMSC’s crowdfunding campaign.  Here is a link to the website where you can ‘Declare Your Interdependence’….

So Earth Day is everyday really for our team….we work everyday towards our collective vision of a sustainable and regenerative future.    Tomorrow we will light a fire and honor the day with heartfelt prayers and gratitude!