ReGenesis Community Development Agency

ReGenesis Community Development Agency’s Mission is to enhance the quality-of-life of Western Slope  residents and plan for the future well-being through sustainable development and land conservation; to balance the physical, economic, and social needs of Western Slope residents through responsible land use planning, environmental management, neighborhood improvement, and low impact community development; and to promote and protect agriculture, the environment, economic vitality and human health.

Our goals are:

To revitalize and regenerate the community by creating economic growth through strategic, regenerative, and sustainable industries that protect the rural quality of life, farming/ranching heritage, and our natural resources.  

To protect open space farms and ranches from developers by helping them to create low impact “Land Based” living communities on their properties.

Provide affordable housing through housing projects that are developed within the Community Land Trust model (CLT).

Develop and partner with local government, businesses, and organizations to offer cohesion, unity and opportunity for all residents and empowers our youth and young adults to build productive futures.