Vision Plan

EarthshipEntrance700The vision for the Rocky Mountain Sustainability Center has many layers and both short and long term timelines. Below are the first two short term phases, to be completed within the first 2 years of acquiring SunRidge:


Stage I

  • Once the coordinating team has successfully raised the capital for the purchase of Sunridge EcoRanch a committee shall be organized consisting of members and community stakeholders to execute the official establishment of a Community Land Trust for protection and preservation of the land.
    • The Rocky Mountain Sustainability Center, a Colorado Public Benefit Corporation, will then take a role as a primary lease holder and begin organizing and executing the following:
    • Gather community input and ideas for classes, events, and workshops that would assist existing non-profits in their programs and mission/goals.
    • Form official membership structure for non-resident members.
    • Formalize partnerships with local and regional non-profits
    • Assess current infrastructure and land needs.
    • Create master plan for community development and land use/preservation with input from community.


Stage II

  • Work with Ouray county to obtain necessary special use permits and other land related projects.
  • Establish Colorado Low Impact Sustainable Development Agency headquarters/office.
  • Implement first stages of Master Plan cottage industries for generating on site revenue.
  • Create Master Calendar for classes, workshops, events as per Master Plan.


The involvement of the community will determine a great deal of the ‘details’ and already we have received so much support and helpful input so we look forward to hearing from you!