The Passing of Gerry Weaver and Loves Legacy

0b392d791dbef3798b7438d13c934cf022Our hearts and souls are with the Weaver Family in both sorrow and celebration of Gerry Weaver’s recent transition from this world into loving reunion with her husband Dennis.

When we began this quest to carry the torch of Dennis and Gerry Weavers ‘sustainability’ legacy and carry it into the next 7 generations through this projects mission, Gerry Weaver, Dennis Weaver’s beloved soul mate and wife, told us that she was very happy and gave us her hearts blessing for the project.

After meeting her and listening to her stories about how they built their home together and how each tile in the house her and Dennis had lovingly placed had special meaning our team felt a deep intense love that can only emanate from true soul mates.

Soul-MatesAlthough we did not know Gerry long or even what would be called deeply, she was the kind of woman who you only had to be in her presence once to have your heart explode from the love, compassion, and kindness that poured from her.

She was small in stature yet a giant humanitarian with a fire that refused to be squelched in the face of injustice and cruelty.  When she spoke to us of her late husband all of us could feel her powerful love and life long connection with him that obviously did not end with his passing from this world.

Bio13Dennis-GerryWhen you are fortunate to meet a person who is tied with their soul mate there is a magical transference that occurs that awakens all of our deepest longings for that kind of love and her passing from this world opens a portal of love that has left everyone whose lives she touched truly blessed.

Our heart song to the Weaver Family sings of deep gratitude and our prayers join with the prayers of true soul mates who are reunited.  We will carry your heart torch into the future and continue the work of creating a sustainable and regenerative future for all children of Earth.